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Human Multi-task Performance and Attention Limits
Current Demonstrations:
Visible Bottleneck I
Java Applet illustrating Central Bottleneck
Visible Bottleneck I FAQ
Visible Bottleneck II
A highly compatible task that can be performed with answering questions: works but it doesn't play any questions yet
Iconic Memory & Masking Demos
Shockwave Demos on Iconic Memory, Partial Report and Backward Masking
Change Blindness
Java Applet illustrating poor detection of change in letter arrays
Can we read two words at the same time?
Tapping as a Concurrent Task
no bottleneck without response choice
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Coming Soon:
- More Bottleneck Demos
- Task-Switching (Jersild Paradigm)
- Rapid Serial Visual Presentations (Several Demos)

Hal Pashler Website

TIME Magazine article on Human Multitasking

New York Times Magazine article on Human Multitasking

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